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Save On Vacations members know that planning family trips can be pretty stressful, and when it comes to traveling with your pets, the stress of traveling can become overwhelming. You must ensure your pet is safe and secure during the entire trip.

Save On Vacations Offers Best Tips for Traveling with Pets

Save On Vacations Offers Best Tips for Traveling with Pets

By planning and making arrangements in advance, your pets will be as prepared as you are to travel, and you both will enjoy your travel experience much more by being prepared. Unforeseen complications may always occur, but they will be much less likely to happen by following these few steps.

Save On Vacations Offers Best Tips for Traveling with Pets 2

Save On Vacations advises tourists to take their pets for a veterinary check-up at least ten days before traveling, but at most 30 days in advance. Most airlines and other travel carriers will request a recent medical certificate to prove that your pets are healthy enough to travel and have received the required vaccinations.

You must also bring a leash, food carrier, dog bed, medications, water bowl, treats, and water. Packing your pet’s favorite food and favorite toy will also help relax your travel experience, as these items will keep your pet occupied and happy.

According to Save On Vacations members, buying a pet carrier size approved by USDA rules and regulations is always recommended. You must also mark the pet carrier clearly with the words “Live Animal” and identify the carrier’s upright position on each side.

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If you are traveling internationally, write “Live Animal” in the language of the country you are visiting. Close the carriers, but do not lock them so that the airport personnel can assist your pet if any emergency arises.

Save On Vacations also recommends that tourists put an identifying tag on their pets, including current contact information, if their pets somehow lose their way. When traveling with your pets, try and book direct flights, as booking on a non-stop flight helps to reduce travel stress on pets.

On the day you plan to fly, you should ensure that your pet gets plenty of exercises, drinks appropriate fluids, and eats a small meal before leaving home. This will help your pet feel tired during travel time and may sleep most of the time. You should also avoid arriving too early at the airport, as the hustle and bustle of the airport may frighten your dog or cat.

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