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Save On Vacations Reviews invites members to spend some time in Aruba–a beautiful paradise that offers history, nature, and endless enjoyment. Learn more about the island and all it has to offer as we explore the possibilities of Aruba as your next vacation destination.

Save On Vacations Reviews Beautiful Aruba

The island of Aruba is known for its sunny climate and natural wonders. This island, located overseas from Venezuela, welcomes over 70,000 residents annually. Most people living on the island live in and around the capital city of Oranjestad. If you’re curious about this Caribbean country, Save On Vacations invites you to consider why Aruba should be your next destination.

Travelers can expect sand beaches, luxury hotels, resorts, warm waters with calm waves, and more that make Aruba a top travel destination.

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Save On Vacations will tell you if you want to know what the weather will be like in Aruba.

Unlike islands in the Caribbean that face hurricanes yearly, Aruba is far enough out of the path that most storms during the hurricane season a miss. In addition to this, the weather tends to be quite warm and predictable on the island. These factors make Aruba one of the most popular islands for vacationers year-round.

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Aruba is a diverse, intriguing island with various cultures, from African and European to Dutch, Spanish, and English.

Aruba’s island culture was created from migrating tribes, the Arawak Mountains, and mixed cultures found on the island – Dutch, Caribbean, and Latin American. That’s what makes Aruba a truly unique place to visit and why it is so popular with tourists.


Tourists traveling to Aruba go for the stunning beaches and the rich culture and beautiful experiences in the capital city of Oranjestad. Footpaths and bicycle paths are as easy or hard as renting a cab. It is also easy to find English-speaking locals, meaning deciphering written signs and menus is easy too.

Diving, snorkeling, numerous historical sites, and Carnival are all great for this part of the Caribbean; don’t miss Carnival if you’re visiting here.

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Save On Vacations helps you explore destinations on your next vacation or your family’s next holiday. Get tips and advice from an expert on the top destinations for travel, and enjoy the culture of the Caribbean with its people.

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